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FREE 25$ Folding Credit Card Sized Knife

Ultra Slim - Folds to the size of a credit card, 2 mm THIN! (The same size as your standard credit card and 1/10th the thickness of your standard utility knife!)
Surgical Steel Blade - Stainless steel construction for durable, rust-free sharpness

*Note: Ends in two weeks from now.




Your credit card knife ships out in less than 3 working days. You can track of it.

Protective Hand Guard

Made of stainless steel for durability, and rust-free sharpness. Includes built-in safety switch.

Ultra Slim

The size of credit card knife is just 2mm. That's the same size of the credit card you use.

What is Credit Card knife?

A Credit Card Knife is an Ultra-light and ultra-thin utility knife that fits comfortably into our wallet. Standing with a thickness at just 2.2mm and weighing only 13-gram, this Credit Card Knife transforms itself from a credit card sized sheet into a well-balanced knife with a sturdy handle thus becoming a handy tool for all weathers. This Credit Card Knife encases a nearly 3-inch long blade made from surgical steel, and the polypropylene handle is guaranteed to last a lifetime of unfolding and folding. The best part about this Knife is that it is made from rust-free steel, so it indeed becomes your all weather buddy whenever you are at home or outside.A safety locking mechanism prevents accidental cutting or blunting when the Credit Card Knife is closed.

What Are the Cool Users of this Credit Card Knife?

Several customers consider this Credit Card Knife suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. As we all know that, knives are a useful tool in our day to day life. Some useful application of this knife could be mentioned below: Imagine you miss your regular knife to chop vegetables then this Credit Card Knife can help you in those applications. It is very useful for many purposes; for example- chop the vegetable, thread cutting, Open coconut for water, paper cutting, opening packages & envelopes, cut a tennis ball with ease, etc. This knife has a sharp blade to cut anything easily. Two credit cards can fit in this credit card knife. In this world where some people are civilized at the same time there are some who are barbaric robbers, who steal your things at stab; in these situations, your Credit Card Knife can rescue you from this kind of tragedies. This Credit Card Knife comes in handy in a variety of situations. You won’t miss tasks that can be done perfectly with the help of Credit Card Knife at any place like your office, home or on holiday. If you are out camping, it can be a very handy tool for cutting meat and also be used for hunting. It can be used in cutting wood and lighting a fire. In the case of accidents on the road, the knife can be used in cutting immediate bandages for the first aid and also in getting people out trouble. Many a time’s people get stuck in the seat belt if their cars, well this knife can be used in getting them free. Well if you are worried about its safety then don’t be tensed because it has a two-part safety lock that keeps you safe from your knife as you put it into your pocket of pants, shirts or blazers. Well, it is amazing in many ways as it has snap open, the waterproof locking mechanism which is different from other credit card holders. In a nutshell, it can say that is a smart tool to protect your money and you.

What our awesome clients say

great words from great people
The little knife is no joke, it's razor sharp right out of the pack and EVERYBODY I show it to wants one. The free one was cool, when will it be on the market so I can buy more?

By Larry LePort
I was VERY skeptical! But I figured why not. Now I show the CCK to everybody and tell them about the FPA The book was awesome too... all for free? What is your game?

By Hubert Carter

Final Verdict Of Credit Card Knife: Worth Or Not?

While coming to the conclusion of the Sharp Card knife, one thing that sure can be said is that it's a must have tool. With all its features, it does stand apart from all the other utility knives available in its class. With the rust free feature, stainless body it can be a partner for you for a very long time. The size also makes it stand apart contender when compared to other knives. While you do not have to worry about finding space for it, it is safe when kept in a home with kids. The safety lock also makes it handy and protective when used by people in regular households. Only It can be used not only by campers but also by daily household people, students, emergency service personnel and in general protection.

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